Mbappé opposes Le Graët!

While Noël Le Graët seems in favor of the organization of the Football World Cup every two years, Kylian Mbappé had strong words to denounce the project.

Noël Le Graët appears more and more isolated. The president of the French Football Federation is indeed one of the few European leaders who has not opposed Fifa’s plan to organize the World Cup every two years.  » Personally, I am not against it, but I do not give a blank check either “, He recently confided, thus going, once again, against the tide.

And Noël Le Graët does not only go against the opinion of his European colleagues, who have spoken almost unanimously against the project carried by Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa, and Arsène Wenger. The former mayor of Guingamp also goes against the advice of his own players as evidenced by the strong speech of Kylian Mbappé. Asked on the sidelines of the Golden Globe Awards, the striker of the France team said he was resolutely opposed to the organization of the Football World Cup every two years.

We must respect the health of the players

« The World Cup is a special event because it takes place every four years. Playing it every two years would make this competition normal, which it doesn’t have to be. It is something incredible. This is an event that you might only play once in your life « , He thus launched, fearing for the health of the players: » We already play 60 matches a year. The Euro, the World Cup, the League of Nations… We like to play but it’s too much. We must be able to recover, take breaks. If people want quality, emotion, good matches, we must respect the health of the players. »

The Breton leader had explained his position while thinking of other continents and in particular of Africa.  » It would be a mistake not to take a close look at this project. I understand that the other countries are angry that Europe has organized a new competition (The League of Nations), which prevents them from being able to play friendly matches against the Europeans, he justified. You cannot ignore other parts of the world. Rich countries always find competitions to play among themselves. I listened to the pleadings of South Africa and Morocco who explained their difficulties in finding friendly matches because Europe blocked all the dates.»

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