Special Edition: Debrief of Castex and Véran announcements – 12/27

In the middle of the end of the year celebrations, faced with the deterioration of the health situation, the government tightens the screw and announces new restrictions. We come back to it with: Philippe Corbé, head of the political service of Webrema. Dr Edouard Obadia, resuscitator at the Claude Galien hospital in Quincy-sous-Sénart. Marion Pariset, general secretary and founder of Le Millénaire. Anne-Sophie Warmont, special correspondent for Webrema in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Jean-Marc Dumontet, producer of shows and director of six Parisian theaters. Dénis Cieslik, spokesperson for Reconquête. Caroline Dieudonné, health journalist at Webrema. Benoit Serre, vice-president of the national association of HRDs and HRDs of L’Oréal France.

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