« Squid Game » and « Mare of Easttown » topped the Top 2021 series of « 20 Minutes » and its readers

The beginning of the end of the hegemony of the American series? The series year 2021 was marked by the unexpected and phenomenal success of the Korean series Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyeok. Totaling 1,650,450,000 hours seen during the first twenty-eight days, Squid Game became the best launch and most viewed series of all time on Netflix, dethroning the American series Bridgerton de Shonda Rhimes.

Squid Game follows 456 over-indebted people who will participate in a competition based on children’s games. The winner will pocket some 33 million euros, but only the latter will survive the fatal trials.

Breathtaking fashion games Battle Royale who obtained a satisfaction rating of 8/10 on IMDb, and 94% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and who are at the top of the Top 10 2021 readers who are members of the Facebook group « 20 Minutes Series ».

On the podium, Sweet Tooth, also available on Netflix, an apocalyptic series against a background of a pandemic but resolutely optimistic, takes second place. The year 2021 was marked by the arrival of the first Marvel series on Disney +. WandaVision, an ode to the sitcom in an alternate reality and probably the most original, daring and meta work produced by Kevin Feige, takes third place in the ranking of our readers.

At the top of the editorial staff’s Top 10, Mare of Easttown, an HBO miniseries, available in France on OCS, in which Kate Winslet, crowned with an Emmy for her performance, excels in her role battered cop investigating a murder and disappearance in a small town in Pennsylvania.

It’s a Sin, British miniseries available on MyCanal, climbs to the second step of the podium. This very personal masterpiece by award-winning British screenwriter and producer Russell T Davies chronicles the joys and sorrows of a group of gay men in homophobic London of the 1980s, reeling from the onset of AIDS.

At the third step of the editorial podium, season 2 of the French medical series Hippocrates, an original creation by Canal +, in which the former doctor Thomas Lilti paints a portrait of a bloodless French hospital system. A series that takes on its full political dimension in a year 2021, alas, still marked by the pandemic.

The Top 10 readers who are members of the “20 Minutes Séries” Facebook group

  1. Squid Game
  2. Sweet Tooth
  3. WandaVision
  4. Midnight Mass
  5. The White Lotus
  6. Narcos Mexico
  7. Cruel Summer
  8. Valid
  9. The Walking Dead
  10. Clickbait

The Top 10 of the editorial staff of « 20 Minutes »

  1. Mare of Easttown
  2. It’s A Sin
  3. Hippocrates S2
  4. Aries (s)
  5. Succession S3
  6. In therapy
  7. WandaVision
  8. Sex Education S3
  9. Squid Game
  10. Midnight Mass

To complete the picture, here is the ranking of journalists from the Culture department of 20 Minutes and their favorite series.

The top 10 of Laure Beaudonnet:

1. Dopesick 2. Mare of Easttown 3. In therapy 4. Generate + ion 5. It’s A Sin 6. Succession S3 7. Aries (s) 8. Starstruck 9. Ted Lasso S2 10. Christmas Flow

His favorite: « Dopesick »

An all-powerful big pharma that enriches itself on the health of the American middle class. Sounds like a conspiratorial theory and yet Purdue Pharma initiated an unprecedented wave of overdoses in the 1990s by bringing to market OxyContin, an ultra-addicting opioid distributed like candy to injured workers. . Created by Danny Strong, also creator ofEmpire, the series takes its audience to a world where the wealthy and immoral Sackler family tricks medical personnel on the real effects of its drug, authorized by the American health authority, to put it in their pockets. As exciting as it is dramatic, Dopesick , available on Disney + Star, goes behind the scenes of this pharmaceutical scandal and relentlessly shows the social collapse of part of the American population – and even some doctors – as the sales numbers for this opioid soar. arrow. To see urgently.

Benjamin Chapon’s top 10:

1. In therapy 2. Succession S3 3. Midnight Mass 4. Mare of Easttown 5. Hippocrates S2 6. Small Axe 7. WandaVision 8. Aries (s) 9. It’s A Sin 10. Nona and her daughters

His favorite: « In therapy »

The success ofIn therapy, available on Arte.tv, works on a simple principle. In addition to the quality of writing, of interpretation – blablabla… – the main part of the guilty pleasure remains the relief to note that there are more people. fucked up that we. And that, these days, is very reassuring. Follow these fictitious therapies from week to week (except for the crazy – sorry for the psychophobia – who did it in mode binge watch, we judge you) will undoubtedly have allowed this super Freudian year (and therefore, shit) to have some semblance of meaning.

Anne Demoulin’s top 10:

1. The White Lotus 2. Small Axe 3. Mare of Easttown 4. It’s A Sin 5. Reservation Dogs 6. Underground Railroad 7. WandaVision 8. Succession S3 9. The Great 10. Aries (s)

His favorite: « The White Lotus »

Almost ten years after the unforgettable Enlightened, Mike White signs a jubilant new satirical comedy!
The White Lotus follows wealthy clients and luxury hotel staff in Hawaii. Under the varnish of comedy, soap and mystery, The White Lotus addresses inequalities and corruption, and all forms of suffering and cruelty (major and minor, insidious and egregious) they entail. A biting series that unleashes contemporary hypocrisies, punctuated by moments of intense grace and sublimated by the intoxicating and anxiety-provoking music of Cristobal Tapia de Veer (who will never come out of the mind of anyone who has seen the series).

Vincent Julé’s top 10:

1. Scenes From a Marriage 2. Hippocrates S02 3. Mare of Easttown 4. ​​Midnight Mass 5. Brand New Cherry Flavor 6. The Cry 7. Sex Education S03 8. Dexter New Blood 9. Larry and his navel S11 10. The Bold Type S5

His favorite: « Scenes From a Marriage »

After BeTipul / An analysis and The Affair, author and director Hagai Levi continues to probe the modern couple, adapting the monument Scenes of married life by Ingmar Bergman. It is of course a question of seeing how society and therefore relations have changed and evolved in forty years, but also and above all to question the possibility, or impossibility, of reinventing love. Scenes From a Marriage, available on OCS, is also a masterclass by Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, where, through its almost theatrical arrangement, the actors never really disappear behind their characters. This creates a beautiful and dizzying mise en abyme, on how fiction illuminates our lives.

Fabien Randanne’s top 10:

1. Generate + ion 2. It’s A Sin 3. Poison 4. Hippocrates S2 5. Mare of Easttown 6. Cruel Summer 7. The White Lotus 8. WandaVision 9. Pose S3 10. The pack

His favorite: “Généra + ion”

Stopped after a season, Generation + ion , available on MyCanal, joins the list of major teen series canceled too early alongsideAngela, 15 and Freaks and Geeks. This series focuses on the friendly and romantic relationships of a group of predominantly LGBT high school students in Anaheim, California. The screenplay was written by 19-year-old Zelda Barnz and her father Dan. She is a lesbian, he is gay: their respective experiences and points of view have fueled the various intrigues addressing both subjects linked to sexual orientation and the shock of generations. But above all Generate + ion features deeply endearing characters, whom we would never want to leave.

Clément Rodriguez’s top 10:

1. Succession S3 2. Hippocrates S2 3. Sex Education S3 4. Maid 5. It’s A Sin 6. You S3 7. Aries (s) 8. Squid Game 9. Why Women Kill S2 10. Here it all begins S2

His favorite: “Succession” S3

After a two-year break, you have to go back to the bath of Succession, available on OCS, and its financial, political and legal scheming. The water temperature was only lukewarm during the first episodes, with the impression of standing still without grasping all the issues. Then the fiction offered us the fifth episode, that of panic in the Roy clan when the patriarch seems to lose his mind. From then on, we say to ourselves that we are witnessing a great television moment until God from the machine offered by characters that one is never quite sure to love or hate totally, unlike the dialogues as well chiseled as a Shakespearean betrayal.

Clio Weickert’s top 10:

1. Aries (s) 2. Mare of Eastown 3. It’s A Sin 4. The Best Version of myself 5. The Handmaid’s Tale S4 6. Hippocrates S2 7. In therapy 8. This is Us S5 9. Lupin 10. Squid Game

His favorite: « UFO (s) »

It’s cold and ugly. A global pandemic has immobilized and terrorized the whole world for a year already. Bonus: a curfew forbids you to set foot outside after 6 p.m. This is unfortunately not the bad scenario of a TV series but the context of the 3rd wave (or the 4th? We get lost…) during which UFO (s) came out on Canal +. And what a breath of fresh air! Direction the 1970s, at the heart of the Geipan shock cell which investigates unidentified flying objects. We follow the wanderings of a band of sweet dreamers – carried in particular by Melvil Poupaud and Daphné Patakia -, ready to move heaven and earth to unravel the mystery around a flamingo. It’s completely crazy, absurdly funny. A psychedelic journey into the world of the seventies and flying saucers, punctuated by the electronic notes of Thylacine. Do you see in the distance looming the rotten back to school that awaits us after the holidays? It’s not too late to catch up with UFO (s) and do yourself some good, while waiting for season 2 and the next wave.

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