The permanence of a deputy in favor of the artisanal production of degraded foie gras

The elected said to have discovered « with dismay » the degradation of its permanence, more than 48 hours after Christmas Eve. An inscription « eat foie gras » was tagged in the night from Sunday to Monday on the window of the permanence of the Modem deputy of Dordogne Jean-Pierre Cubertafon, who will file a complaint, attributing this degradation to « opponents of foie gras » .

If the deputy of the 3rd district of Dordogne recognizes that the message painted on his permanence of Lanouaille is « not clear », he attributes it however to « opponents of foie gras » in disagreement with his recent « position » in favor of the production of artisanal foie gras.

« If this had been a message of support, they would have left a bowl for me in front of my door, they would not have forced me to hire someone to clean it, » Jean-Pierre Cubertafon told AFP.

He had already lodged a death threat complaint

In mid-December, in response to the choice of certain environmentalist town halls to « ban » foie gras from the menu of official receptions, Jean-Pierre Cubertafon had co-signed with some fifty elected Perigordians a platform to support « this sector. gastronomic excellence ”.

On his Facebook page, the elected official says he is « proud to have defended and to defend the artisans of Perigord and French foie gras » and assures that he will not be « the hostage of a few. » »

In a separate case in early December, he had already lodged a death threat complaint, after receiving an anonymous email calling for his “beheading” and referring to the “Covid”, he recalled.

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