« Thin then 2! », The weight of names

In « Slim then 2! », Charlotte de Turckheim brings together three« daughters of », including her own. Portraits.

JOHANNA PIATON ACTRESS AND ACTIVIST While reworking the script, Charlotte de Turckheim and her daughter agreed: Lio’s character fits Johanna perfectly. “It’s a plague that hasn’t solved the problems of his childhood. She is the thinnest but the most complex, ”explains the actress. For her, this collaboration was an enchanting interlude: “It was magical to shoot with my mother. And it is Julia, my sister, who coached the actors on the set. « 

Johanna Piaton © DR

If the cinema occupies a large part of the dreams of Johanna Piaton, the young woman of 30 years is very committed in the humanitarian. Barely the filming of « Mince then 2! » Finished, she flew to Haiti to participate in a plastic recycling project. “I try to make my two passions coexist. Everyone tells me that I am crazy and that it is not compatible. But I believe it is possible! « 

LOLA DEWAERE IN SEARCH OF HARMONY Patrick Dewaere’s daughter was already part of the cast of « Mince Then! » in 2012. The 42-year-old actress plays Nina, a woman « who must learn to trust herself ». Lola’s weight, like that of her character, continues to yoyo, even though she handles it better. “I have a lot less problems with my food. I find my place in my job and in my personal life, she says.

Lola dewaere

Lola dewaere © DR

I believe that everything is linked! ” Lola has very tender words for her playing partners, Charlotte and Johanna. “Johanna looks a lot like her mother, but nothing gave the impression on the set that she was the director’s daughter. As for Charlotte de Turckheim, I love her character. She feels good about herself and it shows! ”

CHARLOTTE GACCIO LUCID AND WITHOUT COMPLEX “I have known Charlotte de Turckheim since I was a child. There is a bond of tenderness between us, ”confides Bruno Gaccio’s daughter. Well in her sneakers, she loved playing the character of Marion. “She often puts others before her. I was the same before, but now I prioritize my children and my family. ”

Charlotte gaccio

Charlotte gaccio © DR

For the 34-year-old actress, « fat » is not a bad word: « Some prefer to use euphemisms like » curves « not to hurt », laughs Charlotte who, in 2019, made a documentary to fight against physical discrimination. Very close to her mother, Michèle Bernier, Charlotte inherited her optimistic temperament. She shared the scene with her, in 2016, in « I left you a note on the fridge ». “It was very sweet, like a bubble of love. « 

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