Xbox: STALKER 2, Starfield… 9 big games to come in 2022

Game news Xbox: STALKER 2, Starfield… 9 big games to come in 2022

The second half of 2021 has seen Microsoft shine. Between the release of Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series, the arrival of Psychonauts 2, the successful resurrection of Age of Empires and the success of Forza Horizon 5, the Redmond firm made a strong impression. While the agenda is still a bit hazy for 2022, there is still a series of games to watch out for if you’re in the Microsoft ecosystem.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 : Heart of Chernobyl

Announced in 2010 and featured at length at Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference, STALKER 2: The Heart of Chernobyl is an FPS with survival elements sprinkled with a hint of RPG. It is an app that offers an adventure which is not completely linear with its system of quests to be selected, and which requires efficient inventory management. With a horrific atmosphere, the title developed by GSC Game brings out mutant creatures in an open world that is said to be one of the largest ever designed to date. (from The system « A-Life”, Which allowed PnJ to live their own life even when the player is not present, is back and will even be improved according to the developers. The studio assures that the decisions made by the player will change the course of history.

  • Release date : 28 avril 2022


Scheduled to land in 2020 and then in 2021, CrossfireX should finally arrive in 2022. Sequel to one of the most played FPS in Asia, the title of Smilegate Entertainment will have a campaign imagined and developed by Remedy, the creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake or Control. Yes, having the Finns on the production of a solo adventure is normally a guarantee of quality. The story of CrossfireX exposes a conflict shown through several points of view. Indeed, the player embodies different members of different camps according to operations divided into episodes. In terms of gameplay, the game is a modern FPS seeking to maintain a steady pace throughout its missions. This means that the scripts are plentiful. It should be noted that the game has a “Bullet Time”, A feature that slows down time in order to better kill opponents, a hallmark of the Finnish studio.

  • Release date : February 10, 2022


Do you like big robots? Do you like explosions? Rejoice. ExoMecha is a free-to-play competitive shooter that features matchups against mechs and infernal machines. Different vehicles are planned such as helicopters, tanks or robotic spiders. This multiplayer FPS features team battle modes, objectives, and even a Battle Royale mode. The game is expected to run at 4K / 60fps on Xbox Series X, and it will have a 120fps option.

  • Release date : 1st quarter 2022

Warhammer 40 000 : Darktide

After Vermintide and Vermintide 2, Fatshark studio once again joins forces to forge Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, a cooperative FPS with elements of Hack’n slash playable up to four players. The adventurers form a squad of Inquisitors facing off against hordes of heretics in the hive city of Tertium. Compared to the first episodes of Vermintide, Darktide deepened the gun gameplay. A varied arsenal will be in the game, ranging from chainsaw to laser pistol. As usual, it will be possible to customize your protagonist by giving him new skills.

  • Release date : Spring 2022


Highlight of the E3 2021 Xbox conference show, Redfall is an open world first person shootout or multiplayer first person shooter set on a vampire infested island.. To face these sharp-toothed opponents, players will be able to select different characters with particular abilities. In terms of structure, the title developed by Arkane Austin should look like Borderlands. We have little official information on this project, but a leak that took place in September provided some details, especially on the number of playable characters and on the progression system. If the release date is maintained, there is no doubt that we will learn more about Redfall very soon.

  • Release date : Summer 2022


With an aesthetic that sits between the works of Giger and the works of Cronenberg, Scorn invites the player to action and reflection within an adventure set in a cold and organic world. Strange creatures roam the area, and you have to aim just to survive, when escape is not simply advised. The adventurer is on his own and must travel through interconnected spaces to solve puzzles and learn more about the events that animate this funny universe. The point on which Scorn stands out for the moment is its atmosphere: the heavy atmosphere invites both contemplation and disgust. “Arty”At heart, the software from Ebb Software should go quite far in artistic experimentation.

  • Release date : October 2022


Replaced was particularly noted during the Xbox Showcase 2021. Developed by Sad Cat Studios, REPLACED is a 2.5D platform / action game in which the player embodies an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body. The first images show neat pixel-art and worked special effects that do not fail to recall a certain The Last Night. The cyberpunk vibe also plays a big part in this affiliation. We have little information about the content of the software, but the videos display a diverse palette of movements as well as passages highlighting the narration.


Directed by one of the founders of Playdead, a studio to which we owe Limbo and Inside, Somerville offers a narrative adventure anchored in a world which is under the assaults of a mysterious threat from the sky. As catastrophes follow one another, the player must find a way to reunite and then protect his family. No doubt, with the walks in the forest, the underwater sequences and the chases that can be seen in the trailer, we are indeed in the presence of a game that plays in the same category as Inside. We wish him the same success.


To say that Starfield is expected is an understatement. Slated to be the next big RPG designed by Bethesda, it is called by the studio “Skyrim in space”. In the 2300s, two factions waged a merciless war. Different regions of the Settled System are controlled by mercenaries. The player joins the organization “Constellation”Which brings together the last human explorers in the galaxy. Their objective ? Uncover the secrets of the universe and unearth, perhaps, something exceptional. Thanks to his ship, the player will obviously have the ability to visit different planets. Bethesda has so far featured the cities of Neon, New Atlantis, and Akila. The variety is expected to be present both in the extraterrestrial races encountered as well as in the places visited. According to Todd Howard, the game will be voiced by 300 actors who share more than 150,000 lines of dialogue. That’s almost three times more than there was in Skyrim.

  • Release date : November 11, 2022
Xbox: STALKER 2, Starfield… 9 big games to come in 2022Xbox: STALKER 2, Starfield… 9 big games to come in 2022

The big third-party games coming to Xbox in 2022:

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