Channel: new record for migrant crossings in 2021 with 28,000 crossings

At least 28,395 migrants made the perilous crossing of the Channel on board small boats to reach England in 2021. In 2020, 8,400 illegal arrivals had been recorded.

A record number of at least 28,395 migrants made the perilous Channel crossing aboard small boats to England in 2021, more than triple the previous year, according to UK news agency PA.

In 2020, some 8,400 illegal arrivals had been recorded. The phenomenon has developed strongly since 2018 in the face of the closure of the port of Calais and Eurotunnel that migrants used while hiding in vehicles.

Record of 1,185 crossings in one day

In the month of November last year alone, nearly 6,900 people reached the English coast, including a record of 1,185 in a single day, PA said on the basis of figures obtained from the British Ministry of the Interior.

The Channel crossings by migrants dreaming of England have become a real political headache for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel, as the Tory leader promised to tighten the screw on the immigration in the wake of Brexit.

Crossings still so murderous

These crossings are also a subject of regular tension between Paris and London, the British authorities considering insufficient the efforts undertaken on the French side to prevent them from boarding despite the payment of financial aid.

The climate was further tense after the sinking in November of a boat in the English Channel, the deadliest in this busy seaway, causing the death of 27 migrants.

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