« Igor and Grichka, never a meanness, never a sad passion »

Dthem wonderful guys… crazy, of course. And charmers-bizarre-generous-mystical… Two barely real beings, the most improbable that I have ever met… Between us, forty years of enchanted complicity. Books, successes, debacles, sleepless nights, thirty-hour conversations, stupendous laughs… What I can attest to is that at every second, in a high or a very low of their demented life , they were loved – by women, by thugs, by the best minds, by politicians, by adventurers … Never a meanness. Never a sad passion. Nor a friendly infidelity. Endlessly sound and playful, with that. Artists of egotism for two. Confidants available in the middle of the night. Always ready to give you what they don’t have …

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